New Transparent LCD Showcase in 2017

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Transparent LCD Showcase


Breath-taking visual effect, mind-blowing advertising impact, combining fancy virtual world with physical, Betvis Transparent LCD Showcases are leading a trending display revolution on product showcases, retail windows, trade shows, interactive kiosk, vending machines, etc.

New Transparent LCD Showcase in 2017

Showcase Composition

Transparent LCD Showcase-2

Key Advantages

Transparent LCD Showcase-3

Eye-catching Display

Amazing visual effects guarantee more attention from viewers than normal showcases,

effective to raise brand confidence and enhance communication with customers.

Transparent LCD Showcase-4

Touch Screen

Multi-point touch screens encourage exciting interactions with viewers,
efficient to collect customer data and deliver tailored information to target customers.

Actual Effect of Display

Transparent LCD Showcase-5
Transparent LCD Showcase-6
Transparent LCD Showcase-7
Transparent LCD Showcase-8