Social wall in CapitaLand, Chengdu, China

Shopping malls are facing fierce competition from e-commerce all over China these days. How to invite people back is a critical question all offline commercials have to deal with. The idea of using giant video wall comes in the right place and the right time. Before the project for CapitaLand Chengdu, Betvis has built several social video wall projects for places like TESCO and the results have been better than anyone ever expected. In October, 2016, Betvis implements a 3×4 giant social video wall at the entrance hall of Capital Chengdu.

Not that the giant video wall playing fabulous videos that attracts people alone, the real highlight of the project is the interactive games part. 6 free-standing kiosks stand in front of the giant video wall in a row, waiting for people to kill some time with some video games. Standard procedure is to sign up first, login, take a photo, and then start a game. There are three types of games available. For starters is the group game in which players on all kiosks can participate together, finding themselves on the giant video wall wander around in a virtual world. The second type is independent video games on each kiosk, including operating games like car race, mole hitting, archery and bubble squeezing. The third category is called kinetic games, in which players can move their bodies and control a virtual car or boat, feel like driving a real vehicle, or play a tennis game with imaginary opponents.

Certain access conditions can be set by CapitaLand on these kiosks. For example, customers may have to sign up and become a membership first before they can have some fun. Some motivation may also help. Like if one shared his game scores on social media with his friends, he may get some extra coupons or membership scores.

Like another social wall project implemented by Betvis in Shanghai, this one in Chengdu will be maintained by Betvis for the following years. Although there are not much work to do, a complete inspection is carried on every month to make sure the video wall and all the kiosks are running well.

Thanks to the giant social wall, CapitaLand Chengdu has seen significant sales increase since the end of 2016. Hundreds of thousands of people visited and played on the kiosks in just 3 months, an astonishing achievement ever happened to any single project for CapitaLand shopping mall in China.

2017-02-17 15:32