Betvis Video Wall Solution Highlights Stokke Flagship Stores

Stokke is one of the high-end baby furniture brand originated in North Europe, ever since its foundation in 1932, its flagship stores were popped up all over the world. Stokke is specialized in developing advanced infants supplies and furniture. Stokke stroller is called the Rolls-Royce among baby stroller brands, the stroller design aim to keep parents close to their infants and facilitate a safe and easy travel. With its opening up to Chinese market, Stokke’s stroller and design concept of “GIVE THE BEST TO THE CHILD” is well received by more and more young parents in China.

Bevtis witnessed the rapid growth of the brand and provided innovative video wall solutions for Stokke’s flagship stores in Beijing and Shanghai. The decoration of Stokke store follows the Nordic people’s consistent concept of simple but not easy. In corresponding to its modern simplicity decor style, Betvis provide super narrorw bezel video wall screens with elevated brightness (700 nits), we provide 2 video walls in Stokke flagship store in shanghai, one 3×3 55″ narrow bezel video wall in store front window, one 2×2 46″ video wall at the entrance of the store.


2018-02-16 16:09