Stretched bar lcd display breakthrough in 2018

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Stretched bar lcd display breakthrough

OUR breakthrough in stretched bar lcd display has allowed us to apply ideas into practices like never before. Multiple sizes, facades and maximum display options are available now for your digital signage creativity only limited by your imagination. Want a convincing answer to the question why should I buy it now? How about Unprecedented LOW PRICES?

Stretched bar lcd display

Using a slim stretched LCD on a supermarket shelf is only the tip of an iceberg.

Our stretched display has a friend. BV-88-Lite digital signage player is also on sale and most of all, unbelievably versatile.

Things you might have known about BV-88-Lite:

  • It is a mini version of BV-88, also supported by DSM8 software.
  • It saves money for you by removing interfaces you may unlikely used.
  • It will, as it always does, output impressive videos and pics in multiple ways.