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Plastic desktop small screens for more efficient meetings

In today’s business world, meetings are a key part of communication, collaboration and decision making. In order to provide a better meeting experience, this Kuwaiti company decided to bring in our 15.6″ plastic desktop mini-screens and revolutionized their conference room. Let’s take a look at their success story!

Innovative meeting solutions

This company installed a plastic desktop screen on every seat desk in the conference room, connected by a computer host. When someone is sharing, information is synchronized on the screen. Attendees can see more clearly, and the meeting room can be more space-efficient, as well as improving the company’s modern office.

Enhance the meeting experience

Each attendee is able to see what is being shared clearly on their own desktop, avoiding incomplete access to information due to line-of-sight issues or sitting away from the big screen. This helps to improve attendees’ attention and engagement, allowing them to better participate in meeting discussions and decision-making.

Save meeting room space

Compared to a traditional large screen or projector, using a plastic desktop screen saves space in the meeting room. Instead of equipping each participant with a separate computer, only one mainframe is needed to connect multiple small screens, reducing the space occupied by the equipment and making the meeting room more tidy and spacious.

Improve the level of modern office

Adopting the plastic desktop small screen display solution demonstrates the company’s pursuit of modern office technology, which helps to enhance the company’s image and professionalism. This innovative meeting solution makes the company more competitive in modernizing the office and attracts more partners and customers.

Success Story

This Kuwaiti company achieved an enhanced meeting experience, space saving and modernized office by introducing small plastic desktop screens. Their success story has inspired more organizations to seek innovative meeting solutions to improve productivity and collaboration.


Plastic desktop mini-screens have brought multiple benefits to this Kuwaiti company, breathing new life into their meeting rooms. If you too are looking to enhance your meeting experience, save space and modernize your office, then plastic desktop screens are definitely an option worth considering. Let’s start the era of more efficient meetings together!

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