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POS customer display digital signage solution


With Betvis DSM8 digital signage software, this POS customer display can now act as a versatile customer relationship terminal, helping to greet and engage your customers and make them feel important.

POS customer display
POS customer-facing display-2


Display greetings with membership information.

Display items and prices when POS scanning.

Display payment QR code when scanning finished.

Display webpage survey for collecting customer feedback.

Display warm tips like “don’t forget about your belongings”.

How do we make it work?

Betvis is able to integrate DSM8 with your POS system by using its API. Items and prices will display themselves on customer-facing display when POS scanning. Customer survey can display itself as a webpage, while recommended items and on-sale products can display in loop within a video zone or image zone.

Case study from our clients

POS customer-facing display3

Etam is using the solution in its dress stores in Shanghai, China.

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