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Digital Signage Player

  • Free digital signage software
  • Work out of the box
  • Suitable for multiple screens
  • Suitable for a variety of indoor environments
  • Compact design and portable size
  • Low price and long life span
  • Strong, stable and sustainable

Models:  BV-88 | BV-88Lite | BV-84

About Digital Signage Player

As the enterprise level digital signage player powered by DSM80, BV-88 can easily turn any ordinary TV, monitor or screen into highly versatile digital signage display. Featuring 4K display, HDMI input, reliable network and scalable I/O interfaces, it is your perfect choice for any digital signage project large or small, complex or simple.

With industrial durability and outstanding performance, BV-88 can be confidently deployed to digital signage application fields like retail, restaurant, transportation, corporation,  public service and more. 

Typical Application


  • Display menus, pictures, videos in a variety of dynamic ways

  • Automatically switch breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus at set times

  • Demonstrate good kitchen conditions in real time to win customers’ trust

  • Digital menus are more convenient to update and more likely to increase orders

Retail shop

  • Promote specific products to increase their sales
  • Play different ads according to customers, manually or automatically
  • Use lift and learn solution to deliver interactive experience
  • Other Betvis proven new retail digital signage solutions you can depend on


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Yamaha in-store digital signage player

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Turkey pharmacy chain stores

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