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Digital Signage Player

  • Free digital signage software
  • Work out of the box
  • Suitable for multiple screens
  • Suitable for a variety of indoor environments
  • Compact design and portable size
  • Low price and long life span
  • Strong, stable and sustainable

Models:  BV-88 | BV-88Lite | BV-84

About Digital Signage Player

As the enterprise level digital signage player powered by DSM80, BV-88 can easily turn any ordinary TV, monitor or screen into highly versatile digital signage display. Featuring 4K display, HDMI input, reliable network and scalable I/O interfaces, it is your perfect choice for any digital signage project large or small, complex or simple. With industrial durability and outstanding performance, BV-88 can be confidently deployed to digital signage application fields like retail, restaurant, transportation, corporation,  public service and more. 


It can work with all sorts of screens and display devices

Network and Standalone

Players can be updated via network or USB flash drive

Remote Control

You can remote control and set up everything 

Diverse Content

Video, image, text, webpage, live feeds, IP streams and more

Timing Switch

Auto on/off timing switch according to your setting

Wide Application

It can be used in many industries and occasions



  • Display menus, pictures, videos in a variety of dynamic ways

  • Automatically switch breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus at set times

  • Demonstrate good kitchen conditions in real time to win customers’ trust

  • Digital menus are more convenient to update and more likely to increase orders

Retail shop

  • Promote specific products to increase their sales
  • Play different ads according to customers, manually or automatically
  • Use lift and learn solution to deliver interactive experience
  • Other Betvis proven new retail digital signage solutions you can depend on

Retail shop


Restaurant (QSR)


Banking & Finance

Healthcare & Hospital



DSM80 Digital Signage Software

1. Installation

You need a Windows PC or server to install DSM80 software as your digital signage server. You don’t need to worry about the server configuration because there are basically no requirements.  Plus, DSM80 can work in all network conditions, so no transformation is required. Just get the software package, follow the installation wizard and you are good to go. 

2. Setup

You need DSM80-supported hardware to get started. The digital signage hardware we provided includes digital signage media player boxes, displays, kiosks, etc. It only takes you 5 minutes to set up your players so they can connect to your DSM80 server. Once connected, all following work can be completed in a browser, which visits your DSM80 server as a client. 

3. Creation

Content is king, at least in digital signage. To make good content you need good tools. DSM80 digital signage software offers dozens of intuitive tools to make your content making job easier. Also, Multiple resource types are supported so you don’t have to worry about a boring content. 

4. Distribution

Do not change your content before each distribution. Make a plan! Organise your content in a good time schedule so they can meet the right people in the right time. Publishing at the click of a button is very convenient, unless you insist on using a USB flash drive or SD/TF card. 


  • Build for ordinary display, video wall or stretched display
  • Choose the appropriate resolution and screen orientation
  • Templates are available
  • Drag-and-drop tools
  • What you see is what you get
  • Video, image, text, html, rss, live feeds, IP streams and more
  • Intuitive and flexible playlist
  • Powerful scheduling function
  • Interactive content for touch screen, scanner, motion sensor, etc
  • Preview before publishing


  • Everything is packaged for one button publishing
  • Distribution via networking or removable storage device
  • Separate the processes of building and publishing
  • Auditing before publishing for teamwork and safety
  • Modify your presentation anytime to get instant result
  • Publish once and get updates forever without republishing
  • Use tag function for automatic updating after file changing


  • Server can be located in cloud or local
  • No limit on the network, location, or number of players
  • Web based interface and login authentication
  • Monitor the status of players remotely
  • Control and manage players remotely
  • Playback statistics of players and files
  • Account permissions and user logs


New retail digital signage solution-YAMAHA motor Europe-Betvis (4)

Yamaha in-store digital signage player

New retail chain store digital signage solution- Istanbul pharmacy Turkey-Betvis (6)

Turkey pharmacy chain stores

QSR restaurant digital menu board digital signage solution-SUBWAY-Betvis (4)

Subway stores in USA