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Stretched Bar LCD Display

  • It comes in dozens of sizes and looks
  • It can be used in all indoor and semi-outdoor environments
  • Both monitor and all-in-one digital signage display are available
  • All Betvis proven digital signage solutions are available
  • Excellent industrial design, sleek look and high quality original LCD screen

Sizes:  28.6” | 38” | 49” | 58.4”

About Stretched Bar LCD Display

Stretched bar lcd display is a commercial display product with an ultra wide LCD screen. In order to meet different needs, it has various of display ratios of length and width. Based on common usage and customer requirements, Betvis provides dozens of all-in-one digital signage stretched displays and stretched lcd monitors, as a way to offer cost-effective overall solutions, while remaining open to more possibilities.

Betvis stretched bar LCD displays have many sizes, configurations and features, making them adaptable to all sorts of digital signage projects. We offer professional installation advice and after-sales service, helping you to get started in no time. It’s time to stretch your view as well as your imagination to complete an unprecedented digital experience.

Typical Application

Metro train

  • Replacing light box with stretched LCD screens makes the metro train look more modern and intelligent

  • Digital metro line maps show the current location and next station in a dynamic way

  • Arrival and door opening tips show on the screen along with the voice announcement

  • Advertisements and other content can be played in the spare time


  • Stretched display mounted on the ceiling can be used as an electronic indicator to indicate directions

  • It can be used to indicate product categories and special offer areas

  • Multiple screens can play the same AD simultaneously to enhance the effect

  • Smarter new retail solutions utilize devices like cameras to play different ads to different customers


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