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Restaurants in Hongkou Plaza, Shanghai

Well known for its hardware design and manufacture ability in the digital signage field, Betvis designed and produced dozens of restaurant greeting kiosks each year for client at home and abroad. Within the city of Shanghai alone, hundreds of greeting kiosks can be found in different appearances and features. Betivs provided over 100 greeting kiosks for almost all the restaurants located in or near Hongkou plaza, by collaborating with a local media company, Shishang, who is focused on restaurant media business.

Software for these kiosks is the combination of Betvis DSM and a queuing system. The upper part of the screen is dedicated to broadcast Shishang’s media brand promotion video clips, a way to improve Shishang’s brand awareness and influence. The main area under it is for each restaurant’s daily specials. The two areas play independently from each other, composing an elegant display effect.
The highlight part of these kiosks is their queuing system. Customers can take a waiting number from the counter and waiting for the kiosk to announce the numbers later. Some of the kiosks come with a small printer embedded under the touch screen. Customers can touch the “Queuing” button on screen to get a number paper printed, then wait until his number shows on screen and announce loudly to the crowds.
One important element for greeting kiosk is its safety, for it can be knocked down easily but need to be moved easily. The solution for this dilemma is to thicken the metal base and add four wheels under the base if necessary.
“Not only this kiosk looks amazing but it works for our benefits very well. Since its installation, it has brought good luck and more customers to us”, said one restaurant manager in Hongkou Plaza.