Retail Store Shelf Digital Signage Solution in Turkey 2019

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shelf digital signage

Recently, powered by the shelf digital signage system of our client in Turkey, Betvis 27.6 inch shelf edge LCD monitor has great potential in digitalizing various retail stores and supermarkets there. Originally designed for the edge of retail shelving, Betvis’ newly developed shelf edge stretched LCD monitors provide great opportunities in a host of retail applications, such as drugstore, snack shop, supermarket, electronic store. The display is a single TFT LCD, not several smaller displays combined side by side, so it can produces a single uninterrupted seamless image, video, etc.

New retail digital shelf edge display digital signage solution-smart phone store in Turkey-Betvis

Advantages of Betvis’ Stretched LCD Sign Boards:

  • Ultra wide LCD display with 500 nits high brightness
  • Support full HD images or videos with life-like detail and panoramic content view
  • Stretched LCD panels custom with 32:9 or > 3:1 aspect ratio
  • Industrial grade performance, 24*7 full time operation
  • Flexibility for installation and applications
  • Various sizes available, such as 27.6″, 28.6″, 38″, 49.2″