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Shanghai Rui ‘an Plaza 49.9 inch LCD bar screen digital tour application

Perhaps many people are not familiar with Shui On Square, but when it comes to Xintiandi, it can be described as the central business district that no one knows. Both Xintiandi and Shui On Plaza are Shui On’s projects, and Shui On’s masterpieces go far beyond that. On the hot land of Shanghai, Shui On has also carefully carved a number of landmark projects such as Shanghai Taiping Bridge Area, Ruihong New City and Hongqiao Tiandi, each of which is a wonderful interpretation of urban development and life aesthetics.

Located in 333 Huaihai Middle Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, Shui on Square is a super Grade A commercial office building completed in 1996. High standards of architectural design to provide power for urban development. It has been awarded the “Magnolia Award”, the highest honor for architectural quality in Shanghai, and the “Luban Award”, the highest honor for architectural design quality and management in China. In 2018, the building completed the renovation of the lobby and public area, introduced the intelligent gate system, universal AI face recognition and two-dimensional code access, and cooperated with 24-hour security electronic

However, as the pace of The Times continues to advance, new needs emerge in an endless stream. In order to comply with this trend, Ryan decided to embed smart displays at the elevator entrance of each floor of Ryan Plaza as a measure to meet new challenges and meet new needs.

In the first half of this year, Shanghai Jianshi Information Technology Co., Ltd. was lucky enough to win the project of Ruian Square through fierce competition. The 49.9-inch LCD bar screen floor digital guide board is specially designed for Ruian Square, which not only reflects the pursuit of modern aesthetics, but also fully considers practicability and interactivity. The project has a total of 17 screens. As an Android integrated terminal, these screens are built with the intelligent management system independently developed by the company, which can realize the centralized management of the entire building screen.

screen advantage

  • Hd image quality, high brightness, sharp contrast
  • Free split picture
  • Super wide viewing Angle
  • High reliability and high temperature resistance
  • Through a network connection, you can remotely manage the display content

Benefits to customers

  • Provide more information: You can display the name of the company that occupies each floor and provide guidance to visitors
  • Enhance brand image: Enhance the image of the office building through exquisite display and professional design
  • Improve efficiency: The ability to remotely manage and update content can help floor managers save time and manpower and increase productivity
  • Generate revenue: Digital signage can present information more vividly than traditional paper advertising. You can also make money by playing ads

Case summary

This initiative at Shui On Plaza demonstrates the great potential of digital technology to be integrated into traditional office environments. The installation of smart displays not only significantly enhances the modern atmosphere of the building and creates a high-end technological atmosphere, but more importantly, it opens up a new way of value creation. These smart screens can be used to display advertising, provide real-time information, tour services and communication within the building, not only enhancing the experience of tenants and visitors, but also opening up additional revenue streams such as advertising revenue, achieving both functionality and efficiency. This is also a good innovative idea for other office buildings. Through the use of modern technology and digital media, enhance the image and thus promote revenue growth.

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