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Smart supermarket solutions

The use of digital signage in shopping malls can bring many benefits, such as increasing foot traffic, increasing sales, and show casing your brand. There are a variety of screens in the mall to meet different needs and bring different display effects to the mall. The common ones are as follows.

Outdoor display screen

  • Ad display: Dynamically display product or brand ads to capture customers’ attention
  • Brand logo: deepen customer impression and enhance brand influence
  • Multi-screen synchronization: Realize unified management and multi-point dissemination of information to enhance information coverage

Smart guide screen on the floor

Floor indicator screen

Indication information screen

Intelligent management software

Case Introduction

TESCO case study: By installing digital signage outside the mall, TESCO successfully attracted the attention of passers-by, not only increasing the occupancy rate, but also effectively boosting sales through the display of promotional information and new product introductions.

Tops supermarket case in Thailand: Tops Super Store used digital signage technology to install high-brightness outdoor displays on the exterior and surrounding areas of its storefront to display information on special offers, seasonal promotions and in-store events, significantly increasing customer traffic and enhancing the brand’s presence in the local community.

These applications demonstrate how digital signage can become an integral part of a modern shopping mall, with innovative visual communication methods that not only optimize the shopping experience for customers, but also greatly promote the effectiveness of commercial operations, thereby attracting foot traffic and generating revenue.

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