Stretched Display

It comes in dozens of sizes and looks
It can be used in all indoor and semi-outdoor environments
Both monitor and all-in-one digital signage display are available
All Betvis proven digital signage solutions are available
Excellent industrial design, sleek look and high quality original LCD screen

Sizes: 21'' | 23'' | 27.6'' | 28.6'' | 34.9'' | 38'' | 47'' | 49'' | 58.4''

About Stretched Display

Stretched bar lcd display is a commercial display product with an ultra wide LCD screen. In order to meet different needs, it has various of display ratios of length and width. Based on common usage and customer requirements, Betvis provides dozens of all-in-one digital signage stretched displays and stretched lcd monitors, as a way to offer cost-effective overall solutions, while remaining open to more possibilities. Betvis stretched bar LCD displays have many sizes, configurations and features, making them adaptable to all sorts of digital signage projects. unprecedented digital experience.