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Subway Station Video Wall And Kiosks, Shanghai

Subway Station LCD Video Wall And Digital Kiosks in Shanghai

Located in Shanghai since its foundation, Betvis has provided hundreds of subway station digital signage products for the city’s public transportation system in the past few years. During the winter of 2016, passengers in Shanghai Xintiandi subway station were surprised to see a ten meter long cultural corridor themed on “municipal construction” stretching in front of their eyes. The most amazing part was a giant video wall embedded into the station aisle wall.

The culture corridor is in an irregular “cornerstone” shape, with stone texture telling the story of 19 municipal patriotism education bases. This giant video wall is dedicated for displaying the city of Shanghai’s great achievement, while most other video walls from Betvis are for commercials. Shanghai subway system is one of the busiest in Asia, carrying millions of passengers every day. The biggest challenge for implementing a complex project like giant video wall is to avoid the commuter rush peak and finish the job as quick as possible. Thanks to years of experiences on projects in Shanghai, Betvis was able to complete the project within a month.

Apart from the subway station video wall, subway kiosks can be found in entrances of almost every subway station in Shanghai. Most of them came from Betvis.  After all year round operation, only very few ever needed a repair for man-made damage. Displaying metro map and commercials, these kiosks are viewing by millions of people every day.