Dilapidated transportation facilities can make people feel terrible. Modern and future transportation systems require more intelligent services. A well-designed screen may be the most direct way to get passengers into the future. While it eliminates the boring and unpleasantness of the journey, more business opportunities are on the way.

Conceptual Design

1. BV-UW38 Subway Station Ultra Stretched Display

It can display all traditional and new elements, including time, ads, instructions and PIDS.

3. BV-V5535 Airport Video Wall

We also provide 46/49/55 inch video walls for different applications in airports, metro stations, etc.

2. BV-6514i Airport Floor-standing Digital Signage

Dozens of screens can be arranged to play the same content simultaneously, or to play related content in sequence.

4. BV-B2211 Bus Digital Signage

This customized screen can adapt to the vehicle environment and play content as needed, like location-based advertising.


Improve traffic conditions    

Build a smart city    

Satisfy passengers   

Increase income

Digital Signage Restaurant Case Study