Three reasons you should vote for media player in 2018

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Three reasons you should vote for media player

It is not an extra

There are some pessimistic arguments that the media player is already redundant, but it is not true. In many cases, the end user already has a display and all they need is a media player. For a standard information distribution system, excess processor and graphics card won’t bring any benefits.

It is getting better

Media players with ARM processors are more energy efficient than PC, and their performances are growing fast. More advanced features are becoming a trend, such as visual analytics, beacon capabilities, location awareness, streaming media and artificial intelligence.

Simplicity means cost savings

Easy installation means lower up-front costs. Allowing a person to complete the installation of the terminal in a matter of minutes greatly saves the cost of installation, which is often of decisive importance at the beginning of the project. Total Cost of Ownership of media player is still lower than SoC displays.