Touch & Query Integrated DS Solution Spreads All Around

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Touch & Query Integrated DS Solution Spreads All Around1

Do you have a headache to find a position for parking? Are you tired of looking for restaurants in crowded and multi-floor mall? Come on ! A slight click can deal with all the problems.

As interactive query digital device penetrating into our daily life, everything gradually become convenient. Touch & Query Digital Signage includes : searching, querying, way-finding and other customized functions, which is widely applied in many applications – optimize the intelligence, automation, and humanization for serving for people.

Such products normally require horizontal floor stand models, sometimes vertical kiosk. Betvis provides the machine with the body in great cold-rolled steel, fine-grained paint, front tempered glass, water and dust proof; and with the screen from the well-known original factory over the world, and built-in IR multi-touch.

High system configuration can ensure smooth operation. Betvis can help users to customize their specific software to work as their demand. Way-finding, hospital queuing, bus routine searching and so on, which spreads all aspects in our daily life.