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Turkey chain drugstores 1000+ media players

Turkey chain drugstores 1000+ new media players

Ever since 2010, by working with Betvis, Demedya, a digital media system integrator in Istanbul, Turkey, has provided over 500 digital signage media players and screens to the local leading pharmacy chains.
“We are lucky to have Betvis as our digital signage supplier. They can do pretty much everything on products and services for us.” said Mustafa, chief engineer of Demedya.
Most drugstore customers don’t have much time hanging around a pharmacy. Therefore they won’t spend their precious time on learning about a syndrome or reading about a drug introduction. In many cases people simply don’t even know what kind of medicine they really need or whether they really need some certain medicine at all. This really adds up the anxiety and makes the situation worse.

Now with vivid animation around, customers will get comfort and relax at once when they come in, and learn some knowledge of flu or allergy really quickly without the need of telling personal health condition. Generally speaking, drug knowledge can be seriously hard to understand for common people, for all the professional terms and complex theories. In this case, a brief and straightforward video clip can reach to common customers directly and help them to get the right drugs instantly.

For the local media company, advertising in those drugstores used to be an exhausting grind to go through, and the results were not always satisfying. To manually put up a post on wall or drug shelf can be extremely time consuming and exhausting enough, not to mention the reality that those papers need to be changed every a couple of weeks or days. Those static posters used to get ignored often by viewers for lack of attraction and information, for even the most common OTC drugs would require several pages to cover applicable diseases and curative effects, not to mention advantages comparing with competitors.

Digital signage media players totally put this kind of awkwardness to an end. With Betvis DSM digital signage management system, contents on all screens can be scheduled and updated from the centralized server. The media company can sell a good price for their advertising time with detailed statistics of playing time and counts. For those pharmaceutical firms, it is easy now to do promotions according to seasonal flus and common diseases.  All in all media company’s advertising revenue got increased and pharmaceutical firm’s promotion effect got improved.