Video Wall Display with Smart Bezel – New Choice for Super-size Commercial Display in 2013

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Video Wall Display with Smart Bezel

Video Wall with Smart Bezel – New Choice for Super-size Commercial Display2

In recent years, video wall display market has been developing at an amazing speed. LCD video wall display increasingly becomes one of new favorites in commercial display field. It’s known that the bezel among screens plays an important role in display effect of whole image or video. Almost entire industry has been exploring to make a break-through on bezel limitation – Today, we’re glad to show the current popular and wide-applied video wall model with 3.5mm bezel.

From recent research, 46 and 55 inches screen layout with 3.5mm smart bezel are the most required demands from clients. With original imported slim edge screens from Samsung and LG, entire wall provides a different visual experience for audiences.

Feature :

 3.5mm bezel & FHD resolution & wide viewing angel show high quality display effect.

Optimal solution for effective market performance.

Low power consumption, but long service life.

LCD video wall screens are required to operate continuously for 7*24*365 in many applications, which require panels to have strong stability and reliable performance

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