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Volkswagen Dealership 4S Store Digital Signage System

Ever since its entrance to China in early 1980s, Volkswagen has remained being one of the most popular vehicle brand names in China for decades, with two remarkably successful joint ventures known as Shanghai Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen. In 2015, the total sales of these two combined reached nearly 3 million, continuing to be at the very top of the annual rank list.
Across all the large and middle cities in China, hundreds of Volkswagen 4S stores have been constructed in the past decade, all equipped with modern facilities and advanced furniture.
To upgrade them to an even higher technology level, Shanghai Volkswagen reached to Betvis for a state of art digital signage system to give all of their 4S stores a brand new face and experience.


Information like vehicle use and maintenance knowledge might seem irrelative to experienced owners, while they are essential for new drivers. A significant part of Chinese consumers are just getting the first car for themselves, and they certainly need to be educated in all aspects. This is where digital signage can show its value. By showing common knowledge, advices and techniques related to vehicle maintenance, 4S stores can demonstrate that they really care about their customers and they are almost ready to give professional advices.

Most automobile customers know what they want in cars, while they certainly are not very clear which part of a car will give them the experiences they eager for, thanks to the complexity and expertise involved in the industry. This is certainly an opportunity where digital content can cut in. Customer can view all the precise details they want to know from screens, from engine to car body, without the inconvenience or embarrassment of asking a sales manager. This helps a lot to create a comfortable ambience within the 4S stores, therefore, leverage the potential for more transactions.
For those who don’t have many personal opinions on which car they should drive, eye-catching promotions and discount packages are exceptionally effective. And all of the information will certainly look more compelling from high-definition LCD displays than static posters. Background voice comments can also be added to deliver more persuasive messages.  Well-designed content like that is definitely a positive element to lift 4S store brand image and certainly a good way to impress customers.
Automobile insurance is another critical service for potential customers. With the increase of traffic disputes on the roads, buyers are almost subconsciously feeling that obtaining a reasonable automobile insurance is absolutely necessary. 4S stores are certainly the best places where they intend to be persuaded and guided to buy some particular kind of insurance. By showing relevant information and advices on screens, 4S stores can improve their image as professional providers and get extra revenues from corporation with insurance companies.

What have been build

Based on experiences from 4S store projects for GM and Toyota, Betvis came up with a unique digital signage solution for Volkswagen in every aspect. From screen type, kiosk appearance to management platform, everything is specially designed to get perfect match to Volkswagen brand culture and 4S store ambience.
43 inch floor stand kiosks came with black metal glaze and vigorous texture, delivering strong feelings of power and capability.
Top-class components were used in the manufacture, including robust metal materials, high-quality electronic parts, endurable power sources and the most dazzling part of all, original high-definition LCD panels. It was estimated that these kiosks can work for 4 to 5 years in a row without any requirements for maintenance, giving them the same stability and extraordinary performance as Volkswagen vehicles.

A centralized management platform was deployed among all of these kiosks, according to Shanghai Volkswagen’s particular demand. Since they want their staff to be able to handle and update the content in a very easy way, without the necessity for manual operation. By connecting all the kiosks to a single management server, all these terminals were weaved into a giant network easy for management, allowing them to be remote turn on/off, scheduled to play and monitored. Interactive content can also be added when some 4S stores need them for special events.