Wall Mounting Display

It is an all-in-one digital signage solution.
It can be used in almost all industries and places.
It runs on a proven digital signage platform of great capability. 
It has an excellent industrial design, sleek look and high quality original LCD screen.

Sizes: 22'' | 32'' | 43''| 49'' | 55''

About Wall Mounting Display

Betvis wall mount digital signage display is the most classic digital signage style with a narrow bezel, rounded corners and HD LCD display. With the help of DSM80 digital signage software, it can serve almost all industries and occasions with confidence. Betvis has developed dozens of solutions based on this single product. With it, you have an all-round digital signage expert. As a classic style, the wall mounted digital signage display has a strong vitality. It can easily adapt to application needs and is widely used in various industries, such as retail, finance, corporate, transportation, medical and education.

Rotate Freely

The display can be used in landscape or portrait mode

HD Display

1920x1080 full hd display resolution