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WANDA shopping mall kiosks 2016 new

WANDA shopping mall kiosks 2016 new

As the most famous shopping center brand, WANDA plaza has expand itself to all large and middle cities in China, with new ambitions coming up one after another. Aiming at middle class customers, WANDA spares no expense on its shopping mall decoration and infrastructures, especially in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Over the past few years, hundreds of free-standing shopping mall kiosks have been custom made for WANDA from Betvis manufacture center. Now people can find them everywhere in WANDA from entrance to hall, escalator to restroom.


The largest shopping mall kiosk Betvis ever made for WANDA is a 84 inch, 2.3 meter high free-standing kiosk. Usually this giant is only for transportation center like airport or railway station. While the leaders from WANDA liked the design and its WOW effect, they were installed at the entrance of the plaza and corridors besides the escalator. The screen has 84 inch in diagonal and 3840×2160 of resolution, covering by one 6mm thick anti-glare tempered glass. Basically all kinds of content can be displayed on it, as long as they can be uploaded to DSM digital signage server, which supports all mainstream contents and functions.

Another highlight of kiosks for WANDA is the customer demographics feature. By attaching a high-sensitive camera with face recognition software, the kiosk is able to tell who is watching the screen and make a response accordingly. One example is the height auto-adjust feature. When a child or a man sitting on wheelchair comes close, the kiosk will descend its screen to an appropriate height to match the viewer’s eyes. This makes the viewer feel being respected and shows love and caring to customers.


Another feature of the kiosk is to collect customer demographics for big data analysis and application. The camera can tell the age and sex of each passer-by and save the data to form a statistics graphic. WANDA is able to redeploy and modify their sales strategy according to a weekly or monthly data analysis.

3D wayfinding maps are provided on those kiosks with landscape touch screen. Customers can input and search a destination, then see a red line showing the shortest route to it, or watching a 3D dynamic route guiding towards it. There are different ways of searching for a destination, like by brand, by category, by floor or by promotion events, etc. Other information like bus timetable and subway lines map can also be inquired on the kiosk.

“These shopping mall kiosks from Betvis are even better than we have expected because we never knew a kiosk can do so much work before, it is like a surprise for us. I think these kiosks are already playing an important role on improving our brand image and attract people in.” Said manager Wang from WANDA plaza, Shanghai.