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Why New Digital Menu board in 2014 ?

Why New Digital Menu board in 2014 ?


With the promotion of urban intelligence, digital menu board can be seen everywhere, like in Cafes, Fast Food, Restaurants etc. When we enter into a strange restaurant, the first thing that stimulate our consumption desire is not taste, but the tempting and appetizing food on the digital menu board. Why we choose digital menu board?

Digital Menu Boards promote products using attention-grabbing graphics by leveraging cutting edge digital display technology.It\’s FHD high brightness screen with fashionable narrow-bezel with black brushed metal texturing, which can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted easily, and also different sizes optional. Users can use any external media player for content management, here ourBV-88-lite network advertising player would be your first choice, it is light weight and cost effective, which comes with our DSM8 content management software with no license fee, users can Schedule specials, update prices in real-time, and insert announcements and messaging.

With the digital menu board solution, each shop can provide the ultimate flexibility to schedule and update display content to coincide with any promotional strategy. Display mouth watering photos, text, video, and more. Easily create schedules that are based on on a specific date and time or recurring dates. Moreover, for chain stores, you can change content in several different stores or all stores by batch via network. It is more energy saving and efficient.Plus all digital menu boards are easily, remotely manageable anytime you need to check what’s running or make any updates at any location in real time.

The digital menu board is not only serves as an effective & efficient tool in selecting items to purchase, but also builds brand equity with customers by decreasing perceived wait times. It is time to equip your store with such fancy and practical dynamic lcd menu boards.