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2016 Digital Signage Market New Winning Tool

2016 Digital Signage Market New Winning Tool


With the continuous advancement of social informationization, the digital communication of Digital Signage Market has become an irreversible trend, and it is based on this, as the representative of digital tools – various types of advertising players, such as wall mount, kiosk, stretched LCD sign board, shelf edge LCD media player, ushered in the outbreak of application.

Whether in the crowded shopping malls, hospitals, building elevators and other public places, or in the orderly government agencies, enterprises and institutions, advertising products have become an existence that cannot be ignored. With the application market widening is accompanied by the increasing diversification of the needs of the industry\’s users-although it is essentially information dissemination, but the application of different places, but the application needs are not the same.

For example, in the application of shopping malls digital signage market, the digital signage system is aimed at the high-density shopping people in shopping malls, the need to attract the attention of consumers through a strong visual impact, in order to drive the actual sales promotion, in the application of government agencies, mainly for the staff within the organs, to ensure that the timely, efficient and accurate dissemination specifically in practical applications, the design of the solution will naturally vary.

In view of the needs of government agencies for the accurate and safe dissemination of information, the relevant schemes have set up multi-level user rights management in particular, and the powerful program audit mechanism has effectively avoided the wrong hair and leakage of information, and at the same time, in order to extend the application in the future, also reserved CRM, queuing call system and other interfaces. The current advertising machine market, hardware equipment homogenization has become an indisputable fact, in the face of a variety of application needs, the industry manufacturers can be described as \”immutable\”, characteristic solutions naturally become the key to flexibility. This requires enterprises not only to have a strong professional ability, but also to have a wealth of industry experience, in order to accurately grasp the needs of users, and timely to identify the potential needs of users.

For a long time, the potential application market is large, but the overall industry\’s innovation capacity is still relatively limited, especially in the high-end application market ahead of the design. Today, the market to promote the value of solutions, no doubt for enterprise innovation to provide a new way of thinking, conducive to the continuous and healthy development of the entire industry.

However, the innovation point from the hardware products to the integrated solution transfer, also means that the simple price match era has come to an end, based on the comprehensive solution to provide the ability to compete, the advertising machine market will gradually enter the era of big brands. The rising demand for the market has become a powerful driving force for the rapid expansion of the digital signage market. According to AVC statistics, in 2014, the advertising machine market size of nearly 3.6 billion yuan, the increase reached 21%. Broad market growth prospects have attracted many enterprises to join the war, in the big brand marketing concept, driven by the industry shuffle is inevitable.