Yamaha New In-store Digital Signage System

Yamaha Motor Company Limited is a Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles, marine products such as boats and outboard motors, and other motorized products. The company’s motorcycle is the second largest in the world, its outboard motor and water vehicle sales are the world leader.

Across Yamaha’s franchised stores in Europe, demonstration and promotion of motorcycles and other products used to rely on static poster and real products. To show as many types as possible, each store had to use a large portion of showroom to set up and show real motorcycles, which was really a grind for most employees.  What made thing worse is that almost all of their posters need to be changed on a weekly or monthly base, a hard job requiring plenty of time to plan and lots of manual efforts.

It had been a while since Yamaha’s top managers agreed to upgrade their facilities to digital level. After several rounds of investigation and discussion, they found out that Betvis was the perfect partner for this job. Comparing with the other several competitors from both local and global, Betvis has a comprehensive ability on both software integration and hardware customization, eliminating any trouble of potential incompatibility and extra wait time. What earned even more points for Betvis was DSM80 software, which gave Yamaha a deep impression on its powerful functions and abundant applications, both overmatching other in store digital signage systems.

The biggest highlight for Yamaha digital signage is the content triggering feature. Staff can press the keyboard to trigger a certain motor model and its configuration information. So when some customer shows an interest on a particular model, the staff at the counter can let the screen show relevant content instantly. This is especially helpful when a customer is hesitating on which model it the one to be.

Over 200 players and screens were installed within 45 days, much faster than anyone’s expectation. Then it was like everything became easier over one night. For starter, tons of motor types and models can now be displayed on screen. Suddenly lots of room can be saved from the previous exhibition stands, making in-store environment looking better. Secondly, lots of manual efforts can be saved from endless poster changing, making staff much happier and more efficient. Another merit emerges later, suggesting that customers tend to spend more time around those screens than static posters, showing unusual enthusiasm to the new display technology.

The most important content for the in store digital signage system was high definition videos of motor tournament and promotion clips, all need to be scheduled to play in a predefined order. Pictures and caption texts can be updated with Yamaha headquarter database. Sales message and promotions can be updated from local branch, giving each store a certain level of autonomy.

“This new technology from Betvis come to us as a big help and already gets lots of positive feedbacks from our customers. Our sales increase can tell that our digital signage is totally worth the money”, said an account manager from Yamaha.